Cosmetic for HER & HIM

Welcome in the world of beauty and care.
At our place you will find capable counterparts for a skilled consulting, skin analysis
and professional treatment.
Central there are class products of Doctor Baumann / Skinident for a healthy beauty care.

Basic face treatment

cleaning of skin, peeling, vapozon, liposom, agent mask, face massage

Length 45 minutes                           45,00 €

Classic face treatment

Like basic face treatment plus correction of eyebrowns, intensiv and deep skin cleaning,
face and cleavage massage, eye and lip care

Length 60 minutes                           59,00 €

Intensiv face treatment

Like classice face treatment plus face and cleavage massage with lymph activation,
hand and feet package

Length 75 minutes                          69,00 €

For men

A fresh treatment for neat men skin including a back-shoulder-neck- massage for relaxing

Length 55 minutes                         54,00 €



feet care25,00 €
feet care with varnish30,00 €
manicure25,00 €
manicure with varnish30,00 €
dyeing eyelashes  8,00 €
dyeing eyebrowns  5,00 €
correction of eyebrowns starting from  6,00 €
eye mask  7,00 €
daily Make up15,00 €
hand and feet package10,00 €