Our easter package

Enjoy the first beautiful spring days with the wonderul nature of the teutoburger forest. Take a short break and relax in our easter atmosphere.


Spring awakening in the cherry blossom season

Do you also have the spring fever after a long and cold winter? So get some recovery for your soul and body. In spring season our countryside in Hagen is just wonderful. Plenty of cherry trees now have their full blossom.


The Teutoburger Forest during wintertime is very quiet and romantic.

Look forward for walks and hiking tours through the cold, clear winter air and surrounded by snow-covered forests. After this lovely adventure fell enjoy the fire-place with mulled wine or hot tea.

Autumn leaves

The Teutoburger Forest at autumn time shows itself from wonderful colorful side. Experience our landscape during hikes over the popular “Ahornweg”. Enjoy your stay at Landhotel Buller - your island inside the forest.


Enjoy nature on way by foot or by bike or in a convertible. Experience the Teutoburger Forest just in front of your door!

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